Reviews of Jody's Live Performances, CD & Spanish Classes

Media Reviews

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Palm Beach County Libraries, October 2010 Read It

Performance Reviews

"I want to thank you for the splendid entertainment and learning experiences our young patrons were treated to through your programs at our branches! I have heard nothing but rave reviews from the youth services staff. Staff mentioned that adults who had attended the programs said they wished that the adult programs could be as exciting and as much fun as they had attending your performance. I, too, enjoyed the performance I saw at the West Boca Branch and noted that there was not a squirmy body in the room. All eyes and ears were riveted to the fun of the experience and time stood still.  The audience did not even move when you said that the show was over. I really believe they could have stayed for another hour of enjoyment!!

I know that you are teaching now in the Broward schools, but I certainly hope that you might be available to do more programs for us in the future. They were the best we have had this year and the youth services staff and I would love to have you return for an encore.

Thank you again for your time and great talent!"

Cilla Jacobson, Youth Services Coordinator
Palm Beach County Library System
tel: 561-649-5435.

"Jody uses a wonderful interactive style that engages the children in the activity of learning. She is both entertaining and educational, qualities that we look for when booking shows for our SEAS and Smart State Matinee Programs. I think that Jody brings a unique product to our community and we will be considering "Sing Your Way to Spanish" for our next booking season."
--Jill Kratish, Programming Manager
Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Dear Jody, I just wanted to thank you for your performance at our school Driftwood Elementary. The kids had so much fun interacting with the show. It was great the way you integrate music, and movement with math, history, and geography. Since the show is bilingual many students also learned a new language and were singing the songs for the next few days. It was nice that your show was age appropriate. You had different activities for different age levels. I hope that we can get you back next year to perform for our students. Sincerely, Albert Leonardis, NBCT Music Teacher."
-Albert Leonardis, Music Teacher, Driftwood Elementary, Hollywood, FL

"I think that it was great how Jody made everyone feel that they had an important part, even when theye were not on the stage...The music made everyone have a good time. In addition it made many students feel that it was possible to learn another language."
Augusto Veras, Teacher, Driftwood Elementary, Hollywood, FL

"Jody Dreher visited our school and delighted the students and staff. Grades K-2 and 3-5 each participated in an engaging and entertaining presentation. The students learned wonderful Spanish songs and rhymes as well as dances and games to reinforce the vocabulary of language, while singing the tunes from "Sing Your Way to Spanish". We highly recommend Jody to any elementary school interested in enriching their foreign language program."
-Carol Rosenberg and Allison Drew, Spanish Teachers K-5th grades
Joseph Sears School, Kenilworth, IL

"The performance was very well presented and was age appropriate--even for our vertical teams of four grade levels. I especially appreciated the pace of the show, the audience participation, and the inclusion of cross-curricular information.
--Nina Kovachy, teacher at performace for grades K-3rd grades
Maplewood Elementary, Coral Springs, FL

"I enjoyed the show and my students did too. They were talking about it all day. I appreciated the fact you had them up singing and dancing. They enjoyed going on stage to help as well. I liked how you incorporated social studies into the singing and learning about where languages originated."
--Kendra Davis, teacher at performance for K-3rd grades
Maplewood Elementary, Coral Springs, FL

"Excellent for all elementary levels. Student participation very effective."
--Maxine Williams, teacher at performance for K-3rd grades
Maplewood Elementary, Coral Springs, FL

"You were wonderful! Our students, staff, faculty and administration all loved the songs! We can't wait to have you back!
--Ruthanne Newell, Administrator, Wingate Oaks Center, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Special needs students K- adult

"Excellent. Kids were engaged-lots of energy! Songs were fun and catchy (kids are still singing the "qué quién dónde..." song. I wouldn't change a thing - great job!"
--Julie Hemeon, Spanish teacher, grades K-4, Pomfret Communtiy Center, CT

"The show was excellent. I liked the fact that the students had a chance to move, sing, and read the signs. Students were also introduced to some conversational Spanish and Hispanic culture."
--Ashley Blain & Darlene Moore, 3rd grade teachers,
Pomfret Community School, CT

"Excellent, entertaining, educational, professional. Lots of aaction for children to really participate and keep them motivated."
--D. Brooks, teachers
Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary, Lauderhill FL

"Overall the children enjoyed the whole show. They could not stop talking about it."
Miss Melissa, lead teacher, preschool
Andover Academy, Plantation, FL

"It was great for the primary grades! The props were great! It was good that you involved the students a great deal!"
--Lynette Culp, Spanish Teacher, Hollywood Central Elementary, FL, K-2nd grades

"Fantastic - the audience was captivated."
--Connie Flores, Children's Librarian, Miami Dade Public Libraries, Miami, FL

"It was enthusiastic and appropriate to the age and the level of understanding in Spanish. The students enjoyed it very much and participated with enthusiasm."
--Marta Perez, Spanish teacher, Wilton Manors Elementary, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, K-5th grades

"Jody's show is great.  A wonderful introduction to learning a new language!  Jody herself is a dynamic performer and her presentation is lively, colorful and diverse. Jody has a well planned show and the time length is perfect for our group (age range 18 months - 7 years)."  
-- Henrietta Berns, in charge of children's story time
 Borders Books, Plantation, Florida        

"Excellent!  I would like to see (this show) at the summer library program for ALL branches."
-- Denise Mason, Broward County Libraries, Florida

"Entertaining, Professional and Educational!"
-- Marilyn Ball, Broward County Libraries, Florida

"I thought it was very age appropriate for Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten children– The interaction with the children really held their attention. Both the children and teachers really enjoyed it. I would be interested in a future show."
-- Lisa Weihe, Kindergarten Teacher, Pine Crest School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"You did a great job of entertaining and teaching the children. You had their attention and kept it the entire time."
Diane La Monica, Kindergarten Teacher, Pine Crest School, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"Excellent. The children enjoyed it."
--Donna Fong, Director, Andover Academy, Plantation, FL , preschool

"Interaction with the children was great!"
--Carol Kushner, Teacher, Temple Solel Preschool, Hollywood, FL

"Very very good show. Excellent performance."
-Deloris Howard, Lemon City Library, Florida

"Excellent. Absolutely excellent. You engage the little ones in a way that elicits cooperation and participation. I found the music particularly catchy and memorable. Your use of musical instruments with the children endear them to the music. I can’t think of one thing I would change!"
 -- Tammie Garcia, North Miami, FL

CD Reviews

" I just wanted to send you an email thanking you for your cd. My kids love it!!  As soon as I turned it on the first time their eyes got wide and they ran over to the cd player.  And when they listen, they're really concentrating on what you're going to say next, it's amazing.  I wish you had more cds. I was in the first session of the VPK conference (I was the only one who actually didn't speak Spanish) and I'm so happy I took your class! Thank you again,
-- Miss Lauren, Green Childrens House of Pompano Beach

"‘Sing Your Way to Spanish with Jody’ brings education and entertainment for all ages that want to learn Spanish having fun. For someone who doesn’t have children, I was feeling joyful by the sounds and the wonderment of Jody’s voice and the children singing. Hats off to you, Jody;  you have a special gift of knowledge, talent and delivery."
-- Richelle Doliner, District Marketing Manager, Borders Books and Music

"¡Fantástico! My students and I love it! The children love hearing other children’s voices too. I love the English so that the children know what they are saying. I must have this this CD for my primary curriculum. I have been using a cassette, but that music is “dead” compared to yours. Another plus are your instrumentals – I call it 'DISNEY' quality."
-- Suzanne Balmori, Spanish Teacher, Nova Eisenhower Elementary School, Davie, FL

"The CD is fantastic! I use it all the time."
--Lynette Culp, Spanish Teacher Hollywood Central Elementary, Hollywood, FL

"Thanks again Jody for this wonderful cd! I will continue restocking my cd collection once our class cd wears out due to our daily use of the music. My kids (students) love the music and request it almost everyday. The parents began asking me for the music information after their children started singing your songs at home. I teach 500+ children (grades K-5th) in Livingston Parish and can I tell you, it has benn a JOY teaching the children Spanish. I enjoy singing and dramatizing the lessons or songs. It makes our Spanish class come alive when I turn on the cd player or give them pretend microphones. They have no idea how much they are learning because they are having so much FUN with the music itself. Say a little prayer, I purchased a guitar."
--Fab Reno, Spanish teacher, Levi Milton elementary, Walker, LA

"Play learning and fun best describes Sing Your Way to Spanish with Jody. Tunes that are familiar to children and adults and newly composed lyrics, music and "catchy" rhythms make Spanish learning easily accessible. "Fun" best describes how familiar concepts bring reality to language learning - like songs about: "Hello, Goodbye," "Counting to Ten," "What is your name?" to cite a few. Jody's own language learning background, testing out each song with children both bilingual and monolingual makes this a rich resource for early childhood teachers, and parents with young children. I can imagine children testing out their newly found knowledge of Spanish with their own classmates, their families and neighbors. I look forward to the next Volume in this creatively conceptualized way of teaching and learning a language!"
-- Edgar Klugman
Professor Emeritus, Early Childhood Education Wheelock College, Boston & Co-Founder Playing for Keeps .org

I want you to know that my kids love your CD. We have been singing "Cuántos Años Tienes" all day. They love love love it! In my head I sing your songs … when I'm with them, when I'm not with them …all day long! Whatever you're doing is working!!
-- Ellen Kushner, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I have your CD and I just had to write and tell you that my granddaughter, Olivia, who is almost 5, absolutely loves it!! I wanted her to leave it at my house so when she came over, she'd have it to listen to -- well such tears -- I let her take it home!! It's just great!
-- Flory Silverstein, Grand Rapids, MI

"Let's have Jody take us home." (The way 2-year-old Zachary asks his parents in the car to put on the CD Sing Your Way to Spanish with Jody)
--Zachary, age 2, Pomfret Center CT

"Thank you for making car rides fun."
--Matthew, age 5, Pomfret Center CT

"Can you visit us and bring your guitar?"
--Nathan, age 5, Pomfret Center CT

"I sure do enjoy the songs, instrumentation, and the clarity of the Spanish pronunciations."
--Carol McNeil, Music Instructor, North Oakview Elementary, Grand Rapids, MI

Spanish Class Reviews
Teaching Children and Adults

Letter from Curriculum Facilitator, Broward County Schools.

“I absolutely love your class. Your teaching syle is something to marvel about -- Briana enjoys music and singing as well as crafts – she loves it! As a mom, it’s so nice to see your child enjoy something, have fun and really learn! Thank you Jody!”
-- Benay Collins , Hallandale, FL

"We think the class is awesome. Your songs are so fun and catchy. My children want to listen to them daily. You are doing a terrific job. I can’t wait to see your class go 'national'! I think it is phenomenal! Keep up the good work and thank you for giving yourself so unselfishly to the children. They love you for it!”
-- Diana Tonova, Plantation FL

“We find the music extremely effective for learning Spanish. My daughter loves it all. She can’t wait to go to your class. In fact, she wishes she could go more often. Is today Spanish? I want to go to Spanish!” The games and activities are creative, fun and educational. They don’t even know they are learning!”
-- Jamie Frank , Hollywood, FL

"It's really fun. Every few weeks it's a different song, and we play games, too. I learn much more when I have the music. I talk to my grandparents and my friends in is very fun and I look forward to going to the lessons."
-Jacqueline Baikovitz age 12

"You were one of my favorite teachers thus far at Florida Atlantic University and I learned  more Spanish this one semester with you than I did in all of High School. 
Sincerely and with gratitude,

Beth Maco
Florida Atlantic Univeristy

Thanks Profe!!!
I just wanted to say thank you back because I really do enjoy Spanish 
now because of this class!!! In high school my teacher that I had was 
not good at all and I didn't enjoy Spanish at all in high school!!! But 
now I can honestly say I like it now haha!!! 
The songs that we sing in class are really helpful and are good for 
retaining the information that we learn!!! When I see certain words on 
tests the songs that we sing help me remember!!! 
I'm really going to miss class everyday because everyone really 
partcipated and class was never boring!!! So thank you again and I 
hope my Spanish teacher for the summer is as fun as you!! Have a great 

-Courtney Weeks
Florida Atlantic Univeristy,