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Jody combines her music with games and activities to teach Spanish to children and adults. She also tutors all ages individually. If you are interested in classes or tutoring you can email Jody  at:

Spanish Class Reviews

Review from an Elementary School Curriculum Facilitator - Read It

“I absolutely love your class. Your teaching syle is something to marvel about -- Briana enjoys music and singing as well as crafts – she loves it! As a mom, it’s so nice to see your child enjoy something, have fun and really learn! Thank you Jody!”
-- Benay Collins , Hallandale, FL

"We loved the class. Tony has actually started spaking Spanish more at home. We would like to sign him up again to continue improving his Spanish."
--Raquel Rojas, FL

"I absolutely loved your class, as did Amanda. You did an amazing job making sure all of the children were involved, the environment you create for them is terrific. They have so much fun with you. I hope to sign Amanda for your lessons in September.
--Jen Weisbery, Cooper City, Fl

"We think the class is awesome. Your songs are so fun and catchy. My children want to listen to them daily. You are doing a terrific job. I can’t wait to see your class go 'national'! I think it is phenomenal! Keep up the good work and thank you for giving yourself so unselfishly to the children. They love you for it!”
-- Diana Tonova, Plantation FL

“We find the music extremely effective for learning Spanish. My daughter loves it all. She can’t wait to go to your class. In fact, she wishes she could go more often. Is today Spanish? I want to go to Spanish!” The games and activities are creative, fun and educational. They don’t even know they are learning!”
-- Jamie Frank , Hollywood, FL

"I love the class. R looks forward to coming every week. She's really learning even though she doesn't realize it."
--Amy Richards, FL

"Madeline has thoroughly enjoyed the class and has learned an extensive vocabulary. She looks forward each week to attending and asks to listen to the tapes even when we're not pushing her. She and our younger son sing along happily. The classes are well organized and Jody exercises compassionate control over the students. They play games, do puzzles, arts & crafts and projects. She packs the language and fun together. We are big fans.
--Susan Greenberg, Boca Raton, FL

"It's really fun. Every few weeks it's a different song, and we play games, too. I learn much more when I have the music. I tlak to my grandparents and my friends in is very fun and I look forward to going to the lessons."
--Jacqueline Baikovitz, age 12

"You were one of my favorite teachers thus far at Florida Atlantic Univesrity and I learned more Spanish this one semester with you than I did in all of High School.
Sincerely and with gratitude,
Beth Maco, Florida Atlantic University

"Thanks Profe!!!
I just wanted to say thank you back because I really do enjoy Spanish now because of this class!!! In high school my teacher that I had was not good at all and I didn't enjoy Spanish at all in high school!!! But now I can honestly say I like it now hahah!!!
The songs that we sing in class are really helpful and are good for retaining the information that we learn!!! When I see certain words on tests the songs that we sing help me remember!!! I'm really going to miss class everyday because everyone really participated and class was never boring!!! So thank you again and I hope my Spanish teacher for the summer is as fun as you!! Have a great summer.
--Courtney Weeks, Florida Atlantic University








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